DIY Ideas

  • DIY Phone Speaker

    DIY Phone Speaker

    Make a cool speaker for you and your friends to enjoy with just a few household items! Understand how sound vibrations can travel through different mediums and how the shape of the mediums can cause the sounds to be amplified!
  • 3D Solar System

    3D Solar System

    Make this 3D solar system model with your kids. So they can understand better and remember all the planets name. It is a perfect choice for school project too. It's easy and fun, and it only needs materials that can be easily found at home. 
  • Build a Truss Bridge

    Build a Truss Bridge

    The popsicle stick bridge is a classic science project. Every year many kids world-wide build popsicle bridges to see which designs can hold the most weight. We built one, using 67 sticks and glue. We were surprised by how strong it ended up being! 
  • Diaper Experiment

    Diaper Experiment

    There is some pretty cool science going on in a diaper! See how chemistry is used to help disposable diapers really soak it up! You just need a diaper, some water and scissors to discover the mystery inside diapers!